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drawback queue

Drawback of Queue

Category : data structure

Queue has drawback that, after certain operations, we cannot insert item in the even if there is space in the Queue.
Moves to words the end of the array ,so it that rear will reach at the minimum limit of the array and there may be space before front but no additional can be done at the front end because it will destroy (FIFO) first in first out nature of queue.
This situation there is no space after rear hence no additional can be done even there is no empty space in the queue.
There are two solutions to the above problem.
Maintaining linearity of the queue .
Queue Declaration
# define max 8
Start queue
Int front rear;
Int ele [max];

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What is Queue

Category : data structure

Queue is a liner list of element in which deletion can take place only at on end, called front and insertion can take place only at one end, called rear. It uses first in first out (FIFO) policy. A queue can be considered as a sequence of item.

A queue has following essential property.

A- A container of items , that contains queue elements.
B- A pointer front, that point the first element of the queue.
C- A pointer rear ,that point the last element of the queue.

1- There is an add operation. It means to add a item in the queue. Addition is only at the rear end of the queue.
2- There is an deletion operation it means to remove an item from the queue. deletion is only at the front end of the queue.
3- Only the end items (front –rear) are visible and accessible .

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System Design consideration

System Design Consideration

The purpose of the system design phase is to plan a solution of problem specified by the require the document. The phase is the first in moving form the problem domain to the solution domain. In other word starting with what needed design takes us toward how to satisfy needs. The design of a system is perhaps the most critical factor effecting of the quality of the software. It has a major impact on the later phases, particularly testing and maintenance.
The design activity often results in three separate output architecture design high label design and detail design. Architecture focusing on looking at a system as a combination of many different components and they how interact with each other. The high label identified the modules that should be built for developing the system and the specification of the modules. In detailed design, the internal logic of each of modules is specified.

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What is Stack

Category : data structure

Stack is an ordered collection of item into which new items may inserted and from which items may be deleted at one end , called the top of stack. It holds last in first out (LIFO) method.

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What is ISDN

Category : Blog

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is comprised of digital telephone and data transport services offered by regional telephone carriers. ISDN involved the digitization of the telephone network, which permits voice, data text graphics music video, and other source material to be transmitted over existing telephone wires. The emergence of ISDN represents an effort to standardize subscriber services, user/network interfaces, and network and internet work capabilities. ISDN application include high-speed image applications additional telephone line in homes to serve the telecommuting industry, high speed file transfer, and videoconferencing voice services is also an application for ISDN.

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Basic Resume Format

Category : Blog

Most employers prefer you format your resume using one f three basic method :
Chronological, skills or combination. Chronological is the most common type of resume format and most often preferred by potential employers. However unless an employer requests a particular format, choose your resume format, based on your resume objective and the skill of employment experiences the best high light your qualifications for the job.
Chronological : The Chronological resume format lists work experience first beginning with your last job after tracking your work history, the Chronological format continues with your education and concludes with extra skills and interested that may contribute to your ability to perform the job.
Skill format : – The skill resume being with a list of skill that related to the job for which you are applying. The skills resume format exception very useful when your are applying a job for different field then your work experience , you have a large gap in your work experience , you have little of no paid work experience.