66 SEO Questions for Fresher and Experience


Q. 1. What is SEO?
Q. 2. Why do SEO?
Q.3. Did you know what are the types of SEO?
Q. 4. Which SEO techniques are popular?
Q.5. Who do SEO?
Q.6. What is On-Page Optimization?
Q.7. What is Off-Page Optimization?
Q.8. What tools do you use for doing seo?
Q.9. What is Google Sandbox?
Q.10. What is PR or Page Rank?
Q.11. What do you mean by backlinks?
Q.12. What do you mean by outbound links?
Q.13 What is Keyword & Keyword Phrase?
Q.14. What is Keyword Density?
Q.15. What is Anchor Text?
Q.16. What do you mean by organic results?
Q.17. What is Googlebot?
Q.18. What is meta tags?
Q.19. What is Meta Title?
Q.20. What is Meta Description?
Q.21. What are the limitations of title and description tags in Google, Yahoo, Bing & Ask.com?
Q.22. What are meta keywords?
Q.23. What is the difference between White Hat & Black Hat SEO?
Q.24. How will you increase the Page Rank of a page?
Q.25. How will you treat Web standards while optimizing a website?
Q.26. What is 301 redirect?
Q.27. What is Cloaking?
Q.28. What will you do to decrease the page loading time of a website?
Q.29. What is robots.txt file?
Q.30. What is cross linking?
Q.31. How will you resolve canonicalization issue or what is .htacess file?
Q.32. What will do you do maximize the frequency of crawling of your website by search engines?
Q.33. What is Pagination in SEO?
Q.34. How will you inform Google that a particular page contains Adult content?
Q.35. What are top SEO ranking factors according to you?
Q.36. How you will good click through rate (CTR) in pay per click (PPC)?
Q.37. Where do you put your robots.txt file?
Q.38. Your website is flagged as having malware, but you can’t find the malware. How will resolve this issue or what will you do?
Q.39. “Unreachable robots.txt” in Webmaster Tools crawl errors means?
Q.40. You want that some of your keywords found on search engines but these keywords are related to your content and can only found in images on the page. How will you promote these keywords?
Q.41. All major search engines are case sensitive Yes or No?
Q.42. Which of the following file is created to give instructions to SE bots?
a. Index.html
b. Spiders.txt
c. sitemap.xml
d. Robots.txt
e. Searchbot.xml
Q.42. What is the difference between 301 redirect & 302 redirect?
Q.43. How will you find number of backlinks of your competitors site?
Q.44. What is the difference between Spiders, Robots and Crawlers?
Q.45. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
Q.46. What is the method to content optimization?
Q.47. Do you know types of Keywords?
Q.48. Did you know what is the difference between targeted page & landing page?
Q.49. Which are top 5 most important onpage factors according to you?
Q.50. What are the different method to control the robot?
Q.51. How will you optimize a website which is made on Flash and what is your suggestion for your client?
Q.52. What do you understand by Frames in HTML?
Q.53. A client will allow you to take only tool either Google Analytics or Google Webmasters which one you choose?
Q.54. What is Keyword Difficulty?
Q.55. Which is better Robots.txt or Meta Robots Tag?
Q.56. If you have a site that is targeted at a particular country only, which of the following are recommendable to do in order to rank well in country specific search results?
Q.57. Do you know Matt Cutts, Sergey Brin & Larry Page.
Q.58. Do you use separate Seo strategies for Google,Yahoo and Bing?
Q.59. What does the abbreviation PPC stand for?
Q.60. What is LSI?
Q.61. Will you use an ordinary html sitemap with Google?
Q.62. You have just launched a new web site. Unfortunately, nobody visits it, even search engines’ spiders don’t notice it. What can you do for its SEO success?
Q.63. What is the difference between exit rate and bounce rate?
Q.64. Can search engines see password protected pages?
Q.65. As a point of view of SEO which link is better Text Link or Graphic Link?
Q.66. What is Google EMD updates?



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