Operating System


An operating system is a program that acts as interface between the computer user and computer hardware . The purpose of an operating system is to produce or provide an environment in which a user can execute a program . The primary role of an operating system is to make a computer system convenient to use. A secondary role of operating system is to use the computer hardware in an appreciating manner .
An operating system is an important part of almost every computer system, In other words, operating system is the heart of computer system, There are four parts of computer system
1- Hardware
2- Operating System
3- Application Program
4- Computer User
The primary objective of an OS is to make computer system convenient to use .
Function of operating system: –
1 – processor Management
2- CPU Sheduling
3 – Memory Management
4 – Dead Lock
5 – File Management
6 – Input/Output Management
7 – Protection and Security
8 – Command interpreter


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