Basic Resume Format


Most employers prefer you format your resume using one f three basic method :
Chronological, skills or combination. Chronological is the most common type of resume format and most often preferred by potential employers. However unless an employer requests a particular format, choose your resume format, based on your resume objective and the skill of employment experiences the best high light your qualifications for the job.
Chronological : The Chronological resume format lists work experience first beginning with your last job after tracking your work history, the Chronological format continues with your education and concludes with extra skills and interested that may contribute to your ability to perform the job.
Skill format : – The skill resume being with a list of skill that related to the job for which you are applying. The skills resume format exception very useful when your are applying a job for different field then your work experience , you have a large gap in your work experience , you have little of no paid work experience.


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