Router have access to network layer addresses and contain software that enable us to determine which of several possible path between those address is the best for a particular transmission.
Routers operate In physical, data link and network layer of the OSI modal.
Router operate in physical, data link and network layer of OSI modal.
Router send packet among multiple inter-connected route packets from one network to any of any of a number of potential destination networks on an internet. A packet send from a station on one network to a station on a neighboring network goes first to the jointly held router, which switches it over to the destination network. If there is no one router connected to both sending and receiving network, the sending router transfer the packet across one of its connected network to the next router in the direction of the ultimate destination, the router forward the packet to next router on the path and so on, until destination is reached.
Router identified the best route for a packet to travel, it passes the packet alone the appropriate network to another router. Router checks the destination address, find best route for the packet and passes it to the destination network.


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