Why should you write a press release?


Some helpful Point to write a press release for a business.

  • Celebrating an anniversary.
  • Announcing a partnership.
  • Changing the company or product name.
  • Earning recognition of the company, product or executives by a publication.
  • Announcing that you’re available to speak on particular subjects of interest.
  • Issuing a statement of position regarding a local, regional or national issue.
  • Announcing a public appearance on television, radio or in person.
  • Launching a website.
  • Announcing free information available.
  • Announcing that you’ve reached a major milestone.
  • Obtaining a new, significant customer.
  • Expanding or renovating the business.
  • Establishing a unique vendor agreement.
  • Meeting some kind of unusual challenge or rising above adversity.
  • Restructuring your business or its business model.
  • Setting up a customer advisory group.
  • Announcing the results of research or surveys you have conducted.
  • Sponsoring a workshop or seminar.
  • Making public statements on future business trends or conditions.
  • Forming a new strategic partnership or alliance.
  • Introducing a new product.
  • Celebrating an anniversary.
  • Announcing a restructuring of the company.
  • Offering an article series for publishing.
  • Opening up branch or satellite offices.
  • Receiving an award.
  • Receiving an appointment.
  • Participating in a philanthropic event.
  • Introducing a unique strategy/approach.


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